Friday, March 16, 2012

Writing 'Genome'

I don't remember what prompted me to write 'Genome' back in 2006. I know that back then I was always writing down story ideas. I have an assorted stash of ideas 'filed' all over my home office. Some are just scribbles on the back of some printer paper. Others are actual, by God, story outlines!

'Genome' was originally a screenplay about 100 pages long. It took me about a year to write but some of that was learning the 'Movie Magic' software and a lot was just learning how to, well, just write decently.

Writing a screenplay is NOT the same as writing a book, believe me.  Screenplays are all 'scene setup' and then dialogue. You describe the scene in the barest of detail because the director will actually 'create' the environment your characters live in. The dialogue drives the screenplay and it was damn hard to do.

I finished the screenplay, registered it with the LOC (yes, I know, I didn't have to do that for the copyright. I was a noobie, what can I say? ;-), and then sent out query after query. Yep. No one was interested. Again, noobie.

I basically gave up on selling the screenplay and moved on to other projects. Some screenplays, some prose, and I started a few books. Then I took a writing class by the late Harry Preston in Dallas. I had to write a full length book for the class. I was hooked.

But I was still burned out from being ignored by agents and publishers. So when I learned that ePub was a real possibility I decided to convert 'Genome' to a novel.

More on that next.