Monday, April 30, 2012

Arlo and Jake part 2

I'm learning. Slowly but surely, I'm learning.

I've rewrote the outline a couple of times, trying new base concepts in the story line, like making Jake a replacement for the Chief Engineer instead of just being conscripted and working his way up the ranks.
Not real sure why I liked that change but it seemed good at the time.

I also added a new Chapter One that set up Jake's past a little instead of plopping him into the fray immediately, so to speak. I let a fellow author review it and voila, the obvious comment of 'you don't need that intro chapter, Dad, I liked it better the first way.'

And she was right.

My goal had been to rough out an outline and first couple of chapters, finish out the outline as far as I could and then start writing.

Instead I did 2 things I should not have done.

First, I recast my main characters place in the world, from lowly seaman recruit to chief Engineer replacement. That's going to limit what I can do with him script wise if I'm just looking for a good 'rags to riches' story in space. I need him to start at the bottom and claw or fall into the higher ranks.

Second, I wrote a really great intro chapter that slows down the start of the story a lot.

So. I'll go back to my original plot and make Jake and Arlo climb the ranks. And I'll save the intro contents, using them later in the story.

I don't think anything I did was wasted time, it's just that frustration of not seeing where I was veering off the good path until I was well into the woods.

Ain't writin' fun?