Sunday, April 1, 2012

Getting it 'Published'

More about writing 'Genome' in later blogs but I want to stop here and fast forward to getting the book 'published' via ePub 'publishers'. If you've got a book ready it's time to get it out there. You wouldn't be reading my blog unless you're thinking about taking the ePub route to fame and fortune.

Of course if your goal is really fame and/or fortune writing in general and writing for ePub most likely will NOT get you there. From what I've seen and read so far in this first book adventure, ePub provides you with a cheap way to put your book in cyber-shops but by no means guarantees it will be seen or will sell. Author beware!

I publish on Amazon through their 'Kindle Direct Publishing' program.

I publish on Barnes and Noble through their PubIt! program.

Both programs allow you to publish 'non-exclusive' as long as you don't sell your book at a greater list price on the other sites. I priced 'Genome' the same on both sites.

You need to visit the program sites and read all the terms and conditions before you consider putting  your book up for sale anywhere. Though similar there are subtle differences between publishers, including how you set up your accounts and what royalties you are paid.

I joined the B&N program first because I have several Nook Color tablets and I saw the program advertised there first. It wasn't until I had published that friends complained that they couldn't read it on their Kindles and what the heck was I thinking?

So I quickly read up on KDP program and decided it was well worth the effort to enroll in both. As I'm reading more and more ePub author comments, I'm learning that there are other ePub venues that I need to pursue as well. But since I have a real job twiddling bits (software geek) I can only do so much research at a time.

I'm going to prioritize the next bottle of Grey Goose martini's to be a search for the next publisher I use. I'm slow and easily distracted; writing is a perfect career choice, don't 'cha 'tink?

More on my adventures with ePub publishers next. Yea.

Write more stuff, ya'll.