Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Arlo and Jake Enlist

Sorry for the late post, been down and out for a few days. Feeling well enough now to post more on my 'quick story' exercise.

'Arlo and Jake Enlist' is progressing nicely. I have chapter One and Two in draft and the story is fleshing out nicely in my head. I'm almost done with the outline now that I have a story concept and first chapter to power the story.

I think I have story concepts for at least 10 books about Arlo and Jake. The series takes our two unintentional heroes through out the universe, rising in the ranks, serving Captain Starla and wooing Lt. Tillet.

The stories are basically cowboys in space but I'm really trying to add the right level of humor and romance so everyone has something to like.

I'll post an outline next and a snippet of the first book. Here's a little from the draft of Chapter One from 'Arlo and Jake Enlist'.
Keep writing!

Arlo and Jake Enlist
snippet from Chapter One
“I’m telling you, Arlo, retirement is going to be awesome.” I murmured, stroking Arlo’s snout ridge absently. Gazing out from the porch of my beach house, I scooched my butt around in the old wooden lounge chair, trying to get comfortable.
I glanced down at the big, emerald-green panther chameleon perched on the flat chair arm, and chuckled. “Forty years twiddling bits was enough, Arlo. It was time to stop making the corporate fat bosses fatter and live the good life. Wadda ya say, buckoo?” I glance over my Fat Tire at my little cold natured buddy, waiting for a reply; sort of. After half a dozen bottles of my favorite brew I tend to forget Arlo is only talking back to me in my imagination. I think.
And right on cue he turned his freaky little left eye 180 degrees to look back at me, keeping the right one glued forward. A tiny little Sean Connery voice echoed in my head. “Sure, Dude. You coded like a lion, man. You deserve to kick back and watch the hotties strut down the beach. Live it up Dude, for tomorrow you die.”  His eye flicked back forward. You’re creepy me out, little buddy. Hmmm. One more brew and it’s time to lay off for the afternoon.
I took another swig and straightened on my new Hawaiian shirt, bright green parrots in a jungle scene. I settled back and looked up to the beach just in time to catch a pair of beach bunnies sliding by in the latest swim suit fashion; flesh colored, almost invisible thongs bikinis. Nice. I’m not sure if it’s fashion or just a creative way to use knitted dental floss but my complements to the designer. Sigh. Too bad I have grand kids older than they are.
I settled my favorite straw hat down a little further on my head and tipped the bottle at the redhead. Usually the girls passing by just ignore me and my old fashion displays of gratitude but this time she actually smiled and gave me a little wave as they walked by. I think my heart actually stopped for moment. Now what the hell would you do if she came over and started talking to you? Iron willed you are not and all you’d remember afterwards are the lack of tan lines. Would you remember the color of her eyes? Hmmm, I’m sure she had eyes but... no, got no clue.