Saturday, April 14, 2012

To Tweet or Not To Tweet. Really?

ePub authors must act as their own agents and publishers. Along with the freedom to write and publish without the 'overhead' of editors, publisher, agents, et al, comes realisation that those people and institutions do provide value IF you can get a book with them. Which is the rub of course.

So as I continue my journey into self publishing I find I need to learn to 'tweet'. Add all you own jokes about 'tweet-cred' vs 'street-cred' here.
My friends that graciously push me along in the social media jungle have strongly suggested I create a twitter account and start 'lurking' about ePub, self publishing, writing and any other tag I can think of.

'Lurking' is where you sign onto your twitter account, search for your subject and then just read the feed. You are a passive observer to the subject, finding out what the community is interested in and talking about. Once you get an idea how/why/what/who/etc is slicing through the cyberwaves, you can start entering into the stream and contribute.
For the record, tweeting seems like a glorified chat room to me. Much like FB seems like a glorified user group. Call me crazy.

The hope is that I'll be able to make friends and associates in the ePub area and benefit from their experiences and expertise and vice versa.
OK. I created my twitter account at Twitter, and now I lurk. You'll not be surprised that my account is @garyalanhenson. I'm so predictable. It's a gift.

Today I'm going to take the plunge and get my virtual feet wet. I'm actually going to tweet.

Once more into the tweet,dear friends... sorry, couldn't resist.

Keep writing!