Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chapter Eight is hard, damn it!

I'm still working through the final arc/tension scene and trying to get it 'right'. I'm not so worried about perfect/polished/whatever just 'right'. Consistent with the story so far and fun. Bring the reader past the battle and keep him interested in reading more.

I'm having fun mixing in my navy sub experiences with this story. Jake has pieces of me of course. I'm using the memories of my years in the Navy to try and make Jake believable and add realism to the story. OK, my boats plowed the depths of the Atlantic and Jake ends up in space but hey, we're both stuck inside a tin tube hoping the outside stuff doesn't get mixed up with the inside stuff.

If the weather holds and I get some writing time in today and tomorrow I hope to have 'Enlist' done in draft mode and can start editing. I'm constantly adding/modifying my outline doc as the story unfolds. It's been a great help, much more than I had hoped.

I've added a section to my outline doc called 'Things to talk about:'. Sound lame but once again it's helping more than I had hoped. It's just a place to stick 'ideas' that could help this story and any of the other in the series. An example is 'white hat'. That's a term used in the Navy for an enlisted man. Part of his uniform is the sailor's round white cap you can see in the movies.

It's one of those terms that can be used in a derogatory way as well. 'Damn white hats, mind your place...' or some such. Terms like this add credibility to the story. I added to the 'Things' section so I could use at an opportune time later. I'm adding other terms and ideas there as well that I want to include in story. I have a crappy memory so this becomes my 'paper brain'. Which is, by the way, another Navy term. It means, or used to I suppose, the stuff you wrote on 3x5 cards that you had to remember during your watch.

Have a great Memorial weekend. My thoughts, prayers and gratitude go out to the men and women of our armed forces and their families.

Live this moment!