Monday, May 14, 2012

Early morning exercise

Good grief, the sun just came up!

Trying something new this week. Getting up in the morning and writing as much as possible before heading off to the Code Mill.

This morning I had maybe 30 minutes after I made my coffee and grabbed the newspaper off the lawn. I managed to dive deeper into chapter 3 of 'Arlo and Jake Recruited' before I ran out of time.

It started slow but I just finished as much as I could in my allotted time slot and I have to say I enjoyed it. I'm not usually a 'get 'er done' first thing in the morning kinda guy but it worked this morning.

I'm going to try and stick with it for a week and see what kind of progress I can make.

Time to shower. I'm leaving Jake spinning around in sick bay of the 'FTG Triumph' wondering if he's gone nuts or is dreaming. Fun!

Keep writing!
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