Thursday, May 24, 2012

Some is better than nada

This morning was a short session. Cool and cloudy outside my favorite sleep in weather outside of a low thunderstorm. Something about the rain and rolling thunder that pushes away all the silliness of modern life and returns me to just enjoying the moment.

Writing session was only a dozen or so paragraphs but it was a 'high point' scene after the space battle where Jake and Arlo first plug into the battle net simulator. So now it's off towards the end of the first book.

I'm still leaning towards 20K words and selling for 0.99 just as an experiment.

Made contact on twitter with @AyalaRachelle, a writer and ex software geek. She's been very gracious in helping me learn just a little bit more about this cyber world I'm traveling in. Thanks Ayala!

Time to kick the day into gear.

Use these moments wisely, grasshopper!
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