Sunday, June 24, 2012

'Genome' vs 'Arlo and Jake', making time...

'Genome' the novel and been out for 4 months now and I'm doing what every new author does; checking sales daily on Amazon and Barnes/Noble and trying to find ways to market it. But I'm also hard at work finishing the first book of the 'Arlo and Jake' series. The old noggin' is spinning a bit I must confess.

So how do I know if I'm spending the little time I have after my day job in the 'best' way? Well, frankly I don't. I've been kinda bouncing back and forth as the ideas hit me. I wonder if any of you have this problem? Or am I the only nitwit in the new author sphere without an agent to help :=)

Anyway, today I've decided to do 2 things first and then resume my ping pong exercises.

First, is update this blog. I'm trying to get back to 3 blogs a week. If I don't blog often who's going to care if I blog at all? Duh.

Second is look into Smashwords. One of the twitterites suggested this as another new author marketplace. Cool.

So for the blog: USE YOUR STORY OUTLINE doc! I talk a lot about this document because I'm so surprised that more authors don't talk about it or use one. At least the ones I've talked to and read about.

Take my new humorous SciFi series 'Arlo and Jake'. Book One 'Arlo and Jake Enlist' is written and in edit/rewrite mode. The whole story was outlined by chapter, with main characters descriptions, 'things to talk about' and plot summary. I believe this allowed me to write a better story in less time than in Genome, where I had an outline but didn't really use it as much.

Today I've been putting more 'meat' around the next two books in the series. In the process I refer to the existing outline and add characters, character background, plot 'arcs' and a 'hey what if ' section to keep ideas that pop into my fevered brain.

I've got book Three sketched out enough I'm ready to outline the chapters. Book Two is still fermenting so I'm out of sequence here. Hey, I'm not that logical! I have a couple of ideas but the whole plot hasn't 'shown itself to me'. Really, does that actually happen to anyone?

As for Smashwords, it's time I go check it out. I'm hoping it's as easy to add to as Amazon and B&N were. I'll let you know what I find out.

Keep plugging away, me buckoos!