Sunday, June 3, 2012

More is better? Who knows?

I've been reading a lot about how epub books should be priced. I originally priced 'Genome' at $2.99 on both Barnes and Noble and Amazon. I got a couple of sales (mostly friends of course) and I've had one or two since then. I know it will take a lot of marketing on my own and some time before sales will improve.

I decided to do my own analysis. So I parsed through a hundred or so epub books on PubIt! and KDP, looking for similar books to 'Genome'. I bypassed the vampire/werewolf/porn forest and looked for techo thriller, scifi, fantasy books with similar blurbs and word count. 'Genome' is about 68,000 words.

I discovered no clear pattern. Some works of 300 pages were $.99 some were 4.99. Some books of 50 pages were $.99 others were $2.99. I was really surprised at how many short story books were out there. Really? $.99 for 40 pages? OK, I'm not savvy in that market for sure. Maybe this is the norm here.

I priced 'Genome' at $2.99 because it's 'only' 68,000 words (about 200 pages on Amazon) and it's my first novel. I'm proud of it but it's my first. I'll get better. I've got some really great plot devices in PIP, the AI characters and the genetics holoroom. But did I do a great job with these devices and the rest of the book? No. I'm still up loading improvements from time to time.

But. The more I read and analyze the market place the more I think that $2.99 makes my book look 'cheap and not worth it". So I'm going to price it a $4.99 for a while. It's worth $4.99.

I'll keep track of this experiment and let you know if it makes any difference at all. Perception is everything in life, so maybe this pull my book out of the cheap seats. I have no idea.

Does any one else have real experience on this subject?

Keep writing!
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