Sunday, July 22, 2012

Epub support is awesome!

My adventures in the epub universe continue to surprise and delight me.

Everyday I try to find like-minded authors and readers using twitter, blogs and writing support sites. I try to find and follow 10 new bloggers/authors, viewing their sites or blogs before I press 'Follow'. And I try to tweet directly to them so we can say 'hi'. Most respond with a friendly 'hi' and a promise of more conversation. Now if we could only get our politicians to act this friendly to each other!

I'm finding some 'buy my product' and 'you can buy 10,000 followers instantly' but most are great sites and the home of a hardworking author who has something to add to our experience.

I'm finding we have some of the same aspirations and agonies. I want to write and sell good stories and to have a following of appreciative readers. But I know I have a lot to learn about writing well, engaging my readers and marketing. We all do.

So I'll continue to search for and engage my fellow story tellers, trying to soak up the knowledge and hopefully become a better writer. I'll try to be patience and move the journey forward a little each day.

I hope to see you along this road. We'll stop at a tavern along the way to share war stories and a glass of Texas Red or two.

Be cool, be good and be in the moment. Have a great week everyone!