Sunday, July 1, 2012

Genome poised for paperback!!

I'm expecting to get 'Genome' onto Createspace this week due to the efforts of Rocky Angelucci (check out his 'Don't Die Early' blog link on the right!) Rocky has done the grunt work to create a new cover for 'Genome' and get it to meet the Createspace requirements. Mego thanks, Rocky. I'll let everyone know when it's done.
I spent most of this weekend editing and rewriting some more on book one of the 'Arlo and Jake' series, 'Arlo and Jake Enlist'. I sent it to another buddy to review. I'm hoping to find a good cover for the series and then it goes public! I've got 2,000 words on book 2, 'Arlo and Jake Galactic Bootcamp'. I'm having a blast keeping the 'mood' of the series going. God I love writing!
Everyone have a great Independence week!
Be cool, be good and live in this moment!