Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's alive!!!

I received my proof copy of 'Genome' from Createspace! It's awesome! It's so cool to hold it in my hand and flip through the pages. OK, I'm a dinosaur; whatever.

The new cover came out wonderful thanks to working with Rocky. I loved the watercolor Deb did for the book but in the stamp sized image on Amazon and B&N it did not work as well. The new cover looks more professional and every thing I'm reading says that the cover, epub or print, is extremely important. Another lesson learned, pay attention to the cover.

Not much progress with Arlo and Jake since we have a house full of visitors. Love having family to visit but it wipes me out and writing just does not happen. I'll catch up soon though. Still scribbling down ideas and 'what ifs' to explore next week.

Be cool and keep the faith everyone!