Sunday, July 29, 2012

Proofing 'Genome' is an eye opener!

Having 'Genome' in book form and reading it slowly, out loud is a real eye-opener. I'm finding lots of places where I miss used words, like 'past' for 'passed'. And where I am missing the comma before beginning a quote, etc. This is what happens when you rush your editor, which I did.

I was so anxious to get the book out I said 'good enough' too soon. My fault, not my editor's, she wanted more time. Hmm, how many lessons do you have to learn before you're a good author? ;-) I know I'm not there yet.

So. Going to spend this week's evenings going page by page; slowly! Then and only then I'll update all my manuscripts and go live with Createspace.

Like I said in my tweet today. Writing isn't the challenge. It's the rewrite, rewrite, rewrite that's the challenge.

Keep writing, buckoos, but DON'T rush it. You'll only have to correct it later. Take your time.

Be cool and be patience!