Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Do you dream about your books?

OK, I'll just throw this out there and hope no one calls the Nutzoid Police.

I have great dreams. I fly, I shot lightning out my fingers (really weak little bolts but hey, it's cool anyway), I fly P51s, I drive cars with no brakes, and other cool stuff. I know from reading some buzz killer books that part of this is because I read so much just before sleeping and that sometimes my arms and hands are falling asleep so I'm feeling the nerve pain.

But at least once or twice a week I have dreams where I'm either in a scene from a book I'm writing or talking to characters I'm writing about. I don't always realize it until I wake but sometimes I do know during the dream.

Some of the scenes about PIP in 'Genome the novel' come from those dreams. PIP is an AI that runs the holoroom and bio genetics lab in the book. The idea to have her morph to different avatars came from a dream where I was talking to my computer ( yeah,  think Star Trek Scottie talking to the mouse scene ;-) and there's Elvira's head spinning around in front of me as the voice of the computer.

OK, so I'm a geek that has great dreams. How about you? Don't be shy, let me know.

Be cool, be alive and be yourself!

Best of luck!