Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The last, last rewrite?

Well the marathon is over at last! Rocky found more silly dialogue comma issues just by searching for 'says' and checking for commas. Duh!

So I just completed the changes to the Nook and Kindle document and to the Smashwords version. I uploaded the new docs to PubIt, KDP, Smashwords and Createspace. Whew!

Now to wait for the sites to send me the 'A OK' email and do the final checks. Then I can order another proof from Createspace and if all goes well, launch this thing! Cross your fingers.

I hope the end result of this 'final' editing is that the reader is not distracted by lots of grammar and punctuation issues. I hope he/she can just enjoy the story.

Here's hoping that I can put 'Genome' on the shelf and get back to 'Arlo and Jake' and other projects!

Keep plugging away, Buckaroos!

Be in this moment and enjoy it.