Sunday, August 12, 2012

What about poems? Short stories? Tablet games?

I'm finally back onto 'Arlo and Jake', my humorous SciFi series. I've got 10 books outlined, the first is nearing completion and the second is started.

I'm writing 6 nights a week for one or two hours each night and having an absolute blast! Also trying to market 'Genome the novel' which is out after the 'final, final' rewrite ;-)

So why am I thinking about doing a small book of poems? Well. I have no clue, really. I just feel the need to put a few pieces of prose and poems I've written into a book and put it out there. I have no idea if it's a waste of electrons or something that people will enjoy.

I have a dozen short stories in various states, from rough outline to first draft. Some I love, some I should just throw out. (Does anyone ever really throw out an idea? Didn't think so ;-)

Tablet games? Well a few friends and I have been pondering a game or two for a while. I bought an SDK (Software Development Kit) from Corona Labs so we can write them once and 'port' to the major tablet formats without rewriting each time.

So. A lot to do, fun times. Now I need to step back and focus. I've been reading lots of other bloggers and I see I'm not alone in the 'too many irons in the fire' syndrome.

So. A lot to do. But really, isn't that a great 'problem' to have?

I have the support of friends and family. I have cool projects, active and waiting to be launched. My lovely wife lets me tap on the keyboard, night after night in front of the TV while she knits scarves for CCA. I work for an amazing company with some of the best teammates I've ever had.

So. Here's to 'having to focus'. Here's to 'lots to do'.

If you have things to write, write them. If you have games to create, create them. There has NEVER been a better time for you than now. You have access to all the followers and customers you could ever want; FOR FREE! All you have to do is create something and raise the flag. 'Hey, over here! It's my first book. It's not Pulitzer material but you'll have fun for a only a buck or two.'

We're all waiting for you to 'Just Do It'.