Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A success story in progress...

No, not mine yet, dang it ;-)

My friend and writing buddy, Rocky Angelucci, and his book 'Don't Die Early '.

Rocky's book is great, so I don't find it's success surprising but I got to read and critique it early on. I got to see the blood, sweat and tears Rocky put into this book. His passion for the subject suffuses every page but it's tempered with cold, hard facts and random bits o' fun.

But in the end this book is all Rocky. His ideas, his research, his digging for facts vs fantasy, his rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. And now it's all Rocky doing the marketing and promotion. He birthed a wonderful book and now he's learning how to bring it to you (without the icky birthing parts of course ;-).

When one path wasn't working he searched for a better path. He worked and reworked sections that were confusing or vague. He spent nights and weekends going over and over the 'story arc' even though the book is not a novel. He wanted it to be easy to read and 'enjoyable'. Yes, it's a book about health and personal responsibility but Rocky wanted you, the reader, to enjoy the ride.

And he's succeeding. A little more every day.

Now it's time for you to take some lessons from Rocky. Work hard. Know your subject. Learn something everyday that improves your story. Read, reread and reread until the story flows like butter on a hot toasted bagel. (Sorry Rocky, but metaphors don't have any calories so we're good. ;-)

And by the way, Rocky had fun. Ask him.

Keep writing, Buckaroos! Have fun!
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