Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ahhh, sweet autumn rain...

It rained for a full ten minutes today! OK, it sprinkled, barely wetting the sidewalk. But dang, it was cool!

It's finally cooling off here in north central Texas! Notice I didn't say Dallas. No, no, no. Texas is so big you have to guide the reader to a visual proximity or, Lord forbid, they might not understand 'where' in Texas you're standing! ;-) You have to watch the news here to really get the absurdity of that, I think. When I lived in Colorado it was 'Denver area', 'near Colorado Springs' or 'the western slope area'. That was pretty much it ;-)

My rambling point is that with the cooling evenings I can finally get out again. I truly enjoy our patio during the evenings and weekends; when it's cool enough that the iced tea stays cold for more than 5 minutes.

I take my laptop out with a cool glass of liquid heaven, sit in my cushioned rattan chair and have a blast creating something out of nothing. A glimmer of an idea slowly morphs into a short scene and then, with any luck, into a full fledged, finished sequence that someone else might want to read. All without drowning in manly sweat. That's right, I don't 'prespire'. I sweat.

For some reason these cool evenings with the drifting breezes fuel my imagination.

As long as I don't fall asleep in my chair.

Fill a tall glass with ice and sweet tea, grab a comfy chair and write, buckoos!