Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Muse Madness!

Yes, the Manic Muse has smacked me again, right in the middle of DWTS! Bless you, you sexy thang!

I've just started a new folder under \Books on my silicon amusement park called '\PIP's Adventures'.

I opened a 'Plot Ideas' text file (I'm a bullet outliner kind of dude) and started dumping the MMM (Magical Muse Moments). Not a lot fell out but what did was good stuff.

And the kicker is I can tie in 'PIP's Adventures' with my first book, 'Genome' where PIP was 'born'. I can 'grow' PIP from a gleem in Gerry's imagination to whatever my imagination can take her. Showing how the Geek Squad brings her to life one sexy function at a time!

I think I'll do some test stories/adventures and put 'em out there for free at first. Maybe I can get a readership that likes funny, geeky, ghostie adventures. Who knows?

So, my writing friends, let your Muse work it's Magic whenever and wherever. Write down those ideas, no matter how ify they seem! If you don't like them later, fine. But if you don't write them down, you WILL forget them, trust me.

Be in the moment and keep the electrons flowing, Buckaroos!