Sunday, September 16, 2012

Share your work at the library!!!

On a whim and an idea I visited the Lewisville Library to see if they accept books from authors. Guess what, they do! So I put a little info about 'available on Amazon and B&N' on the front cover and gave it to the desk clerk.

I also asked if they had a 'local authors' book shelf. I've seen these in other libraries, it's a great way to generate interest in writing and to meet local writers. Nope. No such shelf, though the clerk wasn't sure why not.

It was kind of cool but I thought that would be that. So we moseyed (Texas for slowly walked and looked around) to the Children's library section where they were having a library book sale. I found a couple of great books (Ernie Pyle from the early 40s) and was paying for them. The 'Friends of the Library' ladies where manning the church tables and were very friendly.

They were running a raffle and I mentioned that I could donate a copy of my book 'Genome'. They were delightful in their response! They thought it was so neat that I was a local author with a published book! I grabbed another copy, signed it and gave it to them. I also mentioned that I had just given the library a copy but there was no 'local author's bookshelf'. The ladies thought that was a great idea and said they would start one!

There were several younger ladies there who wanted to know if 'Genome' was a 'young adult' (YA) book. When I explained the story they said they were looking forward to reading it!

Now I may not get sales from this but I got some exposure for the book and some ideas for more! I'm going to get some placards and business cards made. Then I can paste a card on the front cover that has 'Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords', my blog address, etc.

I didn't think of it in time but I need to find out if I can 'donate' an epub copy to the library for the epub lending program they are starting up!! And next weekend I'm trying the other local libraries!!!

Go ahead, give it a try and let me know if it works for you!