Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Who's your writing buddy, Buddy?

One of the fantasies I have is being able spend a couple of hours every morning at a local cafe, drinking coffee and bouncing ideas off a few writing buddies. And being the sounding board for them of course.

You know what I mean. You're writing that new scene into a difficult part of the plot and you really need someone to help smooth out the edges, to tell you if it 'makes sense'. You can't wait till tomorrow's bull session to hash it out.

I have a friend, Rocky, that has been a great supporter and writing buddy. We work together and sometimes spend our lunch time walking around talking about our books or brain storming about new stuff. It's great and I truly appreciate having Rocky to talk to. (Soap box on.You should check out his book 'Don't Die Early'. Click the link on the right. Soap box off. ;-)

But this dream of mine is one of those things you yearn for because you just 'know' it would be so cool and so helpful and just damn fun!

I've been with a couple of writing groups but meeting once a month isn't near enough. Wonderful people, some really great sessions but just not enough.


This blog and twitter are 'almost' good enough for now. I making writing buddies and writing friends around the world. It is simply awesome.

So grab a writing buddy or two from somewhere cool and support each other. Pick a place you've never been to and find yourself someone interesting to write with.

Be cool, be yourself, be a buddy.