Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Stay focused and persistent

Some friends asked me what it took to get 'Genome' published. How 'easy' was it, considering I did not have to go through a publisher. It brought home some comments I've seen around the blog'o'sphere and the twitterverse.

I've tweeted with new authors who are struggling with the 'how' of writing their first book and getting it 'out there'. Not with ideas or character development or story arcs mind you. But how hard it seems to put it all together and finish the dang thing.

Lot's of bloggers can give you step by step help on how to take your finished masterpiece and market it. Look around, you'll find some great help on that subject.

This little blog is on the personal tenacity needed to work on your book every day and get 'er done. It's deciding in your heart to put a significant amount of blood, sweat and tears into it every day. It's making yourself focus on something that's a blast one night and a nightmare the next. You need the determination to read, edit, re-read, re-edit in seemingly endless loops trying to get a stuborn section to 'work'.

Focus and persistance are the hallmarks of every great accomplishment. You just have to practice it everyday. They are habits. That's right, habits. I wasn't born knowing how to focus, it's damn hard. And I'd rather give up when the going gets hard, wouldn't you?

My advice is talk to yourself everytime you sit down to write. Tell yourself what you plan to accomplish tonight. As you're writing, check your progress. When you're done tell yourself what you accomplished and how it went.

You did good? Smile and give yourself a gold star (whatever that means to you ;-).

You couldn't focus enough to find your butt with both hands? Take a moment to figure out why and tell yourself what you're going to do 'this part' different tomorrow night, then DO IT!

Writing is hard. So what?! Lots of things in life are hard. You've mastered those, master this. You will persist. You will focus. You will finish. Have faith in yourself.

Keep writing, Buckoos, have faith. Be happy and be cool!