Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Unexpected adventures are best

The long story played short is I met a group of writers in the twitterverse that are in the UK, organized by Vanessa Wester (@vanessa_wester). Vanessa had a cool idea to put together a collection of Halloween short stories, call it 'Out of Darkness' and put it out for free on Smashwords. . 

I rummaged through some 'idle' story lines and picked one that sounded creepy; 'Hole in the Ground'. I sat down Saturday morning on the patio and found a great ending, something it was lacking. Then a couple of hours of rewrite and angst.

Deb said the title was blah, so I changed to 'The Pit'. And that gave me some ideas to morph it a little more. A little nip here and a tuck there. Nice.

Finally it was 'done'. Holy cow, I got it done in hours! OK, I'm not counting the hours of writing the original story line. Anyway it was pretty cool and I sent it to Vanessa in the UK.

So the result is 'The Pit' (see my previous post of the story). AND it's out on Smashwords as 'Out of Darkness'. Vanessa prepped and compiled the stories and produced them. Awesome. Please check it out. The other stories are great. The authors are Vanessa Wester, James Smith, Sam Croft, Angela Kelman and Mackenize Brown.

So. Find a couple of writing buddies. Find a theme and each of you write a short story. Delegate someone to format and compile into a book and publish. Yes, I know this isn't new. Who cares? Have YOU done it? If not, do it now. Right now. Not later, not 'soon'. NOW.

Seeing your story on Smashwords or anywhere else is a rush. It's great practice and strokes your ego.