Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Write a short story for practice

OK, I need more than a little practice but I want to make a point. Writing is damn hard. The more you practice the better you get (I hope!).

I got a chance to take a dormant spook story from a nightmare I had around age 12, dust it off, finish it and add it to a collaboration with 7 other indie writers. Vanessa Wester kicked off the idea and acted as editor and publisher. The result is 'Out of Darkness' on Amazon. You can get on Amazon UK as well.

It's doing great considering our group is marketing it themselves using twitter and FB. Over 200 downloads (it's free til Halloween). Now that only really matters because the book has our author information including our other books and blogs.

I'm hoping that we all get a little more readership from these short stories. Getting your name to a readership is the hardest part about being an author. Without an agent or publishing house to promote your work it's all up to you.

This exercise has been good on every level. The story is exactly what I wanted it to be. A simple narrative from a 13 year old boy's point of view. A creepy 'what the hell is that' monster and a nice ending. I had a blast writing it and it is amazing to see it in a book on Amazon.

I'm going to unleash the short story monster and use this same process to practice writing and get my stories out there.

Go for it, Buckaroos!