Thursday, November 8, 2012

No pain, no pain... slogging through the writing

Like all of you, my life is sometimes too full to get everything on my plate done. Between work (yeah, my 'day' job), family and friends, election brouhaha, holiday angst and just being plain tired of it all, it has not been a real productive couple of weeks.

By now, I wanted to have 'Arlo and Jake Enlist' in the bag and out there. Sigh. Instead I'm still in "find the stupid commas and typos" mode, working through the draft over and over. At least I have a couple of writing Buckos to laugh at my mistakes and offer 'a little help' here and there.

We're entering that time of year where I want to work less and relax more. But I'm going to get A & J out by pushing through the edits one at a time, every night and every chance I get.

No pain, no pain, I always say!

So what do you do to get past a 'gotta slog through it' period?

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