Monday, December 17, 2012

Being tenacious works!

Writing constantly. Marketing constantly. Making new friends and contacts. Diving into the short story pool feet first. Grazing around the blogging pastures for other viewpoints.

It's all really helping me. I'm getting better, and frankly I'm happier about playing in this weird writing world.

What it boils down to is tenacity. I refuse to quit. I WILL do this. I will learn how to write really good stories and get them on the market.

I have two books now. 'Genome' the novel (Amazon and Barnes and Noble  ) and the first book in a SciFi spoof series 'Arlo and Jake' ( Amazon and Barnes and Noble ). I also have published two short stories through the  Seasonal Short Stories group , one for Halloween and one for Christmas.

None of these stories would have seen the light of day if I had not went into full cussed-stubborn mode. What I lack in talent and speed I have to make up for in tenacity. Like it or not I have to sit every night and write, market, socialize or search for new ideas.

Enjoy your writing. Savor the 'ah-ha' moments. Laugh at your cleverness. Be happy when it's going well. When it's not going well; just keep pluggin away. Make it as 'necessary' as breathing. You need to work on it today, tomorrow, always. Don't stop trying.

Be cool. Be happy. Be tenacious.
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