Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Marketing update...

  1. This blog is getting some traction. I need to post more often to better serve my readers, but people seem to enjoy my posts. And I'm getting some followers and comments.
  2. I have over 1500 twitter followers. Most of my twitter-mates are indie writers. I'm using twitter to mostly connect with other indie writers because I have tons to learn and a few ounces to share.
  3. BUT. #2 has given me a couple of sales.
  4. AND #2 has allowed me to talk to some wonderful people who are also reviewers and agents. No. No one has offered to be my agent, but I've talked to a couple. Amazingly, they are pretty cool people, not the ogres I was led to expect. They have a life just like you and me. Imagine!
  5. I update FaceBook when something interesting happens. That earns me some warm fuzzies and a couple of friends/family may end up telling the right people about my books. Whoo Hoo if that happens. But it is fun to share life's little bright spots with others.
  6. A few people at work have read 'Genome' now and I've gotten some positive feedback. Better than I expected. Hey, 'Genome' was my first book so my expectations were really low ;-) Again, I'm hoping that a few well placed 'you should read this, it's not terrible' to their friends will spread the word.
  1. I've still got a bazillion things to learn about marketing and I'm not that happy to realize this. I want to write, not market. Sigh.
  2. But, I have to.
  3. I'll just keep doing the part I like; writing. I'll spend as much time as I can doing the crappy, boring part; marketing.
  4. I'm not special and I'm never going to be an instant success. Too late; 'instant' was years ago.
  5. That's OK. I still get to write ;-)
Go; enjoy writing. Go; do your marketing. Just do it!