Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winding down 2012

This year was amazing for me as a fledgling ePub author! I dove into the deep-end of the eBook/ePub pool and I didn't drown ;-)

I wrote and published 2 books, 'Genome' and 'Arlo and Jake Enlist' (book one of the series). And I joined a great group of short-story writers, managing to get 2 stories published, one for Halloween and one for Christmas.

You can check the links for all my books on the right of this blog. I'm publishing on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and for 'Genome' on Smashwords.

I made some great new friends on Twitter and through writer's blogs. The short story group opened my eyes to another great way to write and get a readership. I have ton's of material that, I believe now, is better suited to the short story arena than as novellas. And it's a fun challenge to make a good story plot work in fewer than 20,000 words.

One of the most important things to happen in 2012 was that I decided not to quit writing. I was experiencing the 'why am I working so hard for so little return' syndrome known to writers as 'Dang It!'. It hurt to realize that I'm not a quick success story; that my books won't sell 10,000 books in 6 months or that I can't even get my books to show up near the top of the eBook lists on Amazon or B&N.

But it's OK now. I really enjoy writing. I've finally climbed up that first rung of the ladder and from this perilous height I can look down and see just how far I've come. Mostly I'm just too stubborn to give up. Same thing.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to 2013. Time to make some plans and targets. Next blog. Watching some football now. Time for a little relaxation.

Be good. Enjoy your accomplishments.