Sunday, January 13, 2013

7 Writer Challenge Pass On

I was tagged by one of the awesome authors in my short story group, Karen Einsel. The idea is to keep up with other author works by posting a 7 lines from my current work and looking at the 7 lines from 7 other authors.
Karen's blog is at Karen's Different Corners, please check out her writing and blog.

So here's the 7 lines from 'Arlo and Jake Galactic Bootcamp'. It's the second book in my SciFi spook series 'Arlo and Jake'. Jake is a retired software widower spending his 'golden' years on the beach in Port Aransas, eating hot wings and drinking Fat Tire by the case. Arlo is his pet chameleon. Hey, it's funny, man, trust me ;-) The secound book picks up our heroes as they start Space Bootcamp.

'Arlo and Jake Galactice Bootcamp'
I slide into the booth and press a small icon on the service panel in the table surface. “Earth.  African savannah.  Dusk.  Thunderstorm,” I say into the intercom. Since no one else has requested a view, the screens morph from the star field to an amazing African storm. The lounge feels like it’s been transported to a spot just under a huge baobab tree, looking out into a rolling storm. Lightning flashes off in the distance and deep thunder sounds from around the lounge.
“Nice,” says Arlo as he walks down my arm to a small branch like perch that morphs up from the surface of the table. His eyes are bouncing back and forth to the vista on the screens. “Now there’s a place a lizard could learn to love."

Here are my candidates to keep the cursor bouncing. No pressure, ladies and gents, 'do or don't do' as Yoda would say. My thanks to Karen for considering me in your blog! Keep writing, everyone!

Steven A Writer's Haven
John John Patric Lowrie
Mackenzie Mackenzie Brown Books
David David P. Perlmutter
Vanessa Vanessa Wester
Joanne Joanne Phillips