Monday, January 28, 2013

The Grand Experiment continues...

After last Fri/Sat's free promotion on KDP Select, I had over 200 'borrow' downloads and 2 buys for 'Arlo and Jake Enlist' and 'Genome'.

So 200 people have a chance to view my work for free and hopefully post a review. Much better than a swift kick in the butt!

I had my expectations a little higher, but in reality I had no clue what to expect. I tweeted as much as I could and posted on my FB page and here on my blog. A few family and friends helped out with FB postings as well.

I'm going to try again as soon as I get Book Two of the 'Arlo and Jake' series out. That seems a good time to offer up the first book for free.

I'm also going to see if maybe there were more ways I could have advertised the promo. Hey, I'm new at this, I'm going to fumble the first few tries. ;-)

I'll keep you up to date with the results. So far it's a 'meh' from me. Seems to have drawn 'some' interest, but I'm not sure taking my books off B&N for 90 days has done much good.

Let me know what your experience has been for 'Select' or other promo programs.

Thanks and be cool.