Monday, April 1, 2013

Over another hurdle

I've been sort of stuck in 'Arlo and Jake Bootcamp', not making much progress. Lots of distractions with family, work, dental hell (had 2 back teeth removed, what fun!), work, holidays, work, etc.

It was like pushing lettuce through peanut butter but I managed to write a couple of paragraphs and then, bang, got a plot line inspiration. That line carried me forward to the end of the chapter. I'm ready to move on now.

I have no idea what gave me the inspiration, but I think it was always there waiting for me. Once again, I just had to hit the keyboard every night, even if all I do rework and 'tink, 'tink, 'tink.

Also, I had a chance to catch up on some reading, and that seems to clear my mind. I get involved in a different story and stop worrying about my story. Then when I come back to it, I'm not doing the 'what now/nope that's wrong/what now/nope that's wrong' mental loop-d-loop.

The boys have met their Triad members and I've introduced another Triad to drive some tension into their boot camp experience. Cool!

I'm thinking about getting a notebook to draw/doddle ideas as well. I've done that before and like doing it. How much it helps I'm not sure. But it's fun, so what the heck.

Keep writing, my friends.

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