Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Take your time...

It's one of my writing faults that I'm very impatient to be 'done'. I want to get the story on paper, edit it once and ship it! But of course I also want the story to be great.

It's been a exercise in self-control to stop that bad habit while writing 'Arlo and Jake Galactic Bootcamp'. But I'm already seeing the benefits of just slowing down and focusing.

I've been rereading, redoing, trying this, hell no that doesn't work so try that, rewriting, playing with the outline, rewriting, all sorts of things to flesh out this second book. I want it to be better than book 1 and better than 'Genome', my other novel.

I want the 'Arlo and Jake' series to be really good. For that to happen, I must pay more attention to details, create an enjoyable story 'arc' with tensions and climaxes, create better character 'depth' and add more smart ass remarks by Arlo.

I'm bringing in more characters, good and bad. Of course the bad ones are the most fun to work with. So I've introduced 'Taash', a mercenary assassin of the D'bak society. He's a real nasty character and is causing my heroes plenty of pain. Cool!

Adding more tension, ups and downs, 'whoa, didn't see that coming!' stuff to your plot keeps the reader interested. Adding more characters, to assist and defy your heroes, brings the reader deeper into the story to boo-hiss the villain and applaud the white hats. Adding unique and interesting environments for the characters to explore broadens the plot and gives the reader more places to roam.

But it takes time.

Take your time.

Do it well. Enjoy it.

Keep writing, Buckos!
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