Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last chapter in outline!!! Whoo Hooo!

OK. This is one of the hardest things I've done as a writer, so far. The last bleep-bleep chapter of book two of the Arlo and Jake series.

I've had a rough idea of the ending for a while, but getting started on it has been extremely hard. Distractions, rewriting other chapters, trying to market my existing books and of course work. (Damn those day jobs! ;-)

I decided I needed a butt-kick to move this chapter forward. So last night I sat down and did a line-item bullet list of 12 lines that describe the sequence of events and some motivations. I didn't quit until I had something that would work and wasn't 'too bad'.

Here's the first part:
- the whole class is stationed around the course in viewing rooms
- the implants will only work between triad members to make the course harder
- the 5 triads are briefed by Rocky and Chief Breem at the starting gate
- course has 5 tubes/fingers of 3 obstacle ‘rooms’ that start together and end together.
- each triad has to work it’s way through it’s 3 rooms and end up in the final room
- each triad has to work through the last room and reach the ‘finish button’ at the ‘end’

It took over an hour to write 12 lines. Sheesh! But now I have the scene in my head and I can mull over it, sleep on it, rewrite it, etc. I have something I can play with. Finally!

How do you do it? Do you get stuck? How the hell do you kick start the story again? I really want to know.

Now, I just need to add meat to the bones and rewrite, rewrite, rewrite!

Best of luck!