Monday, July 15, 2013

The Camp Balator adventure is 'drafted'!!

For those (both of you ;-)) who are following my struggles to get Book 2 of the Arlo and Jake series 'done'; good news! The rough draft is complete! Our heroes survive, but just barely. Not much of a spoiler there since by definition, in a series the heroes must prevail!

I've got tons of work to do:
- Improve the final scene(s). They're ok but I want them 'better'.
- Read aloud, find/fix the inevitable issues and oops.
- Rewrite, rewrite, repeat/rinse.
- Find a cover.
- Plan a release promotion of some kind. (No clue how to do this.)
- Generate some pre-release interest in the book and the series. (Again, no clue. See the pattern here?)
- possibly drop the price of Book 1 to .99 or free?

After this baby is kicked out into the streets I need to shift to a coding project I've neglected. Writing a mobile game with a friend. I'm hoping it will be a couple of weeks of dedicated work and then back to writing.

Which brings up a conundrum. I want to attack book 3 of Arlo and Jake and keep the series going. But I have several other projects that need attention.
- rewrite on Genome. Several twitter-friends have pinged on me to improve dialog, structure and other things that would take Genome 'to a higher level'. Is it worth the time? Will it improve sales of Genome? Not sure.
- several ideas on a series based on the Geek Squad in 'Genome'. Short stories where PIP and the GS play detective, solving crimes in Boulder. I love this idea but again, is it worth it?
- produce a short story collection. I have a dozen or so short stories I could use. Worth it?
- I have a complete novel based on the last days of the American Indian Wars that I wrote years ago for a writing class. It's good. It would need lots of TLC to be 'good enough' to pub.

So. finish Book 2 and then?

What would you do?
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