Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rats and double rats...

That's what I get for messing with my blog templates, etc. I've lost my reviews!


OK, time to dig through the dim, dusty attic that is my memory and put as many of them back as I can remember.

Computers are nice, but I really wish I had that stack of 3X5 cards that I used to keep in my shirt pocket. My 'paper brain' was much better at keeping track of things in the 'good ole days'.

In the mean time, I'm writing a SciFi short story that I hope to sell to Analog or Asimov. It's based on a weird dream (go figure) I had years ago about a world changing event that challenges every human on Earth to make a mind-boggling decision. I may put some excepts on this blog and seek your critiques.

Time to rummage around the old noggin and find some reviews.

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