Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Final, final polish...

The editing is done!

Wait, wait, don't celebrate yet! The 'editing' is done, but grammar, corrections and character 'enhancements' are never enough to say 'done'.

While I think I'm almost there, my editor has made some great suggestions that I have to review and consider. I want book two to be better than book one. A story that will make you look forward to the rest of the series.

It's very hard for me to wait. I'm impatient. I'm lazy and I really just want to pub this thing and start on the next one. Sigh...

But I'm going to finish this book and not look back in regret for a job poorly done. It's a few days of work. I can do this.

- Make the last scene tighter
- Reread and polish all the chapters (arrghhh)
- Write a 'preview' for book three

THEN publish this puppy!

Time for an umbrella drink...