Saturday, December 28, 2013

Just finished 'Prince of the City: The Cats Whiskers' by Mackenzie Brown!

'Prince of the City: The Cat's Whiskers' is a wonderful return to a genre I love; the hard nosed, struggling detective, pitched knee deep into a dangerous, sticky mess of intrigue.

'The Cat's Whiskers' is the first installment of a story that centers around war torn Liverpool in the early 40's. Vic Prince's flat feet and asthma prevented him from enlisting to serve his country but there is plenty of menacing peril along the Mersey and Vic seems to draw it in like flies to honey.

Vic is a wise cracking gumshoe; a black man struggling with the prejudices of the time to make a living for himself and his lovely Chinese girlfriend.

A seemingly innocuous case to find a missing cat for a wealthy client quickly turns into something much more complicated. Soon he's wrapped up in the black market, Russian spies and beautiful but dangerous women. What's not to enjoy!

I love books like this and Mr. Brown has hooked me good. I can't wait for the next installment!

'Prince of the City: The Cat's Wiskers'