Sunday, June 1, 2014

Blog shuffle!

I just added 2 pages to the blog, 'Genome the novel' and 'Arlo and Jake the series'!

Now I can post when I'm getting Arlo or Jake into trouble! ;-) Which is my favorite thing to do, outside of sitting on the patio with a glass of 'Rodeo Red' and a plate of nachos! Of course, I could do both...

Book Three of the Arlo and Jake wacky SciFi series in nearing the halfway point! Whoo Hoo!

I've established lots of new characters and the plot is thickening nicely, even as I sip this fine red. Now you can follow the journey as I wrestle with new bad guys, new concepts and new ways to torture my heroes.

I'll post on the Genome page too, providing snippets of the story or dialog. It was my first real novel, so I'm always finding places where it could be improved. I'll try to keep you up to date on where I went wrong and how I'm going to change the story to make it better. Now if only Hollywood would get off it's lazy butt and call about that movie option... ;-)

Of course I'll continue to blog here about ePub, writing, reading, movies, scripts and other interesting stuff.

A popular new blog post series I'm going to continue is my 'interview' with Arlo. I have more interviews lined up with different characters from my book and maybe other cool authors!

Be cool, my friends.