Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hard Core Military SciFi 'Mission Veritas' by John Murphy

Check my review of John Murphy's military adventure 'Mission Veritas' on Amazon and here on my 'Reviews' page.

I'm a big fan of Johns writing now. I read 'Mission Veritas' in two sittings. Took two because of silly work requirements ;-)

John's style is brisk and solid hard scifi adventure. The story hooks you with great characters and a solid intro and then flings you into the maelstrom without time for a breath.

I love this kind of 'I ain't no hero, but I'll do what has to be done or die trying' story. There are characters that step up to the challenge and those that either can't or won't. So. Real people put into extraordinary circumstances with unpredictable results.

Buy this book and then grab a half dozen of your favorite cold brew and a huge plate of nachos, you're going to be busy for a few hours.

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