Thursday, February 8, 2018

Arlo and Jake are undercover and knee deep in the goo of Sewer City, an orbiting Space Trading Post in a far flung armpit of the Galaxy. They just entered one of the bars frequented by the scum-of-the-universe. The bar is hidden deep in bowels of the huge nightmarish collection of cast off freighters, cargo hulls and miscellaneous scrap.

They have to find G'radian, a villainous cad (technical term for 'scum bag') who has a score to settle with the FTG. If they don't find him quickly, another FTG supply convoy is going to be blasted into star dust.

This adventure is a big ol' bag of hoot, my friends. Lots of great new characters, species and a lot more 'tension'. The more I challenge my story the better it gets. My characters are stepping up and taking the stage away from me. And it's great!

My heroes are waiting for me open the door to the bar and let them get on with it. See you later, everyone.

Be Cool.
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