Sunday, March 4, 2018

It's show time...

The third bay ahead has “3-10” glowing in dull red letters above the yawning mouth of the hold. 
There is a B’Rovian fighter, squat and bristling with armament inside. The access ramp is down, crewmen hustling up and down.

Just to the left of the bay entrance there is a group scummy looking crewmen lounging at a bar. A bar in a launching bay. OK, being a scumbag does have some pretty cool perks. There’s a Snish in the center of the group.

“Arlo, that’s it. I think that’s our Captain at the bar. Let’s get the ball rolling here. We need to go into master/slave mode again.”

“Roger that, BunZilla. Stay behind me and keep quiet.” Arlo puts up a hand and says, “I apologize now for anything nasty I may have to do to keep our cover, Jake.” He starts out without waiting for me.

I start after Arlo and yell, “Wait. What nasty thing?” Oh crap. A jolt of white lightening plays up and down my spine.

Our boys have finally found the mercenary ship and crew they were send to infiltrate.

Now what?

Stay tuned, adventure fans. Let's see if our heroes can manage to not screw things up again!
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