Arlo and Jake, a SciFi Adventure series

Book 3 in the Arlo and Jake SciFi Adventure series!

Arlo is in trouble! We're talking deep, deep doodoo here, folks.

He just pissed off the Lord High Mucky Muck of the D'bak society of evil doers, the reigning Chi' (official name for the Lord High... you get it), the one, the only 'WaaWaa'. That's right. Arlo snarked off to Chi'WaaWaa himself, the Marphka ruler of the galactic bad guy families.

The D'bak; think of them as the Sopranos married to space Ninjas. Yikes!

Arlo just about got himself squished and dumped out an airlock by calling the brute a 'Buffalo's Butt' and questioning the big guy's family heritage. Not smart. But then what's a chameleon hero to do, sip tea and talk about the lack of weather in space? After all, they did lizard-nap Arlo from the recreation planet L'vega just as Arlo was enjoying a meal of Cajun gnats! Not cool.

So, instead of making Arlo pancakes, the Chi' and Trakk (another bad dude with an attitude) decide to send Arlo to a mining colony, to harvest some kind of crystal and slowly die a horrible death on the treacherous planet. Not a nice thing to do to such a cute little lizard, do you think?

Poor Arlo!

And where the hell is Jake? Will he come to Arlo's rescue? Hmmm. Not yet. Jake had to leave poor Arlo and zip off to help save a whole solar system from being 'aquaformed' by the dreaded GHA (Galactic Houses of Aquinoxous)!

Can Jake help the billions and billions of innocent creatures from a watery grave?

Will Arlo get eaten by the giant spiders that roam the mining world?

You can find out now! Follow the links below for all three books in the series!

Be cool.

Arlo and Jake Lost Partner on Amazon

Arlo and Jake Lost Partner on Barnes and Noble

Book 2 in the Arlo and Jake SciFi Adventure series!

The adventure continues as our heroes are shipped to Camp Balator, a Federation of Thirteen Galaxies (FTG) boot camp, reserved for the cream of the crop recruits. The training is designed to push recruits to their limits and beyond. 

Jake and Arlo meet new friends and become part of a Triad, a group of three recruits and their partners. Together they struggle to make it through the intensive training and get back to the FTG Triumph, where their sweethearts, Pixie and Leeta, eagerly await their return. 

But there are other forces in the Universe who have nefarious plans for the prestigious camp; deadly plans. 

Can Jake make it through boot camp a second time or is he headed for another Captain's Mast? 

Can they even make it out alive? 

Why does danger always seems to follow our intrepid duo? 

Arlo and Jake Galactic Boot Camp on Amazon

Arlo and Jake Galactic Boot Camp on Barnes and Noble

Book 1 in the Arlo and Jake SciFi Adventure series!

Jake's retirement consists of beer, brats, watching beach bunnies pass by his patio deck and trading wisecracks with Arlo, his pet chameleon. OK, so it's a one-sided exchange, Jake doesn't mind.

That all changes when they are conscripted into service for the Federation of Thirteen Galaxies. (Twelve actually. They lost one of the Galaxies but it's too expensive to change all the letterhead, so there you go.)

Three beautiful women disturb Jake's lazy day with a proposition he can't refuse. How is he to know that they are the senior officers of the FTG Nova Class Battle Ship Triumph? Why do they need a retired Artificial Intelligence specialist? 

Sweet Josephine in the pumpkin patch, why is the world suddenly spinning? Where did the beach go? What is this bubbling goop he's floating in? Where the hell is Arlo?

Book One, 'Arlo and Jake Enlist', follows the adventures of our unintentional heroes as they are snapped off the beach and into service as ABSs (Able Bodied Spacemen).

Arlo and Jake Enlist: on Amazon

Arlo and Jake Enlist: on Barnes and Nobe