Monday, July 31, 2023

'The Ballad of Bejus Fine' is in progress

 After multiple medical interruptions, and just plain life issues that we all have to deal with, I'm back to my next WIP.

'The Ballad of Bejus Fine'.

It's not a SciFi or ghost story or paranormal romance. It's a plain ole literary fiction, based in the Panhandle of Texas where I was born and grew up.

I chose to write this one because I need to stretch a little and improve my 'world building' beyond space ships and evil, ugly, alien invaders. ;-) I need to write a story that has real human drama. I need to to show myself that I can. And, of course, to show you that I can. 

I love my books, all of them. The 'buddy' SciFi spoof series , 'Arlo and Jake', has been an absolute gas to write. My readers have been awesome with their reviews and comments. I'll be writing more in that series as my Muse releases more cool story ideas. But I need to add some depth to my writing. Some human depth.

So. What do you do when you need to 'switch gears' for awhile?

Do you switch genres? Take a sabbatical? Pour two fingers of White Horse and ponder the Universe?

I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Be cool, everyone.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

 First, please check out my book tabs on the right. That's where I pimp my books! 

I've been writing and publishing since 2006. My first book was 'Genome', a biotech thriller with a paranormal backstory. That's right, I mixed genres and it WORKS! ;-)

Next, I'm back!! My 'medical event' was a stroke and then a 'carotid endarterectomy' to clean out some plaque that blocked the blood flow by 75%! The Spice must Flow! ('Dune' lovers out there?) I look like Frankenstein's Monster on the left side. Didn't really affect my handsome looks that much. I think it adds a bit of charm, actually. Nothing like a 7 inch scar to add a little pizzaz to your face! ;-)

For the not faint of heart, go google that procedure on YouTube. It's unbelievable what medicine can do these days! I'm not a faint-at-the-sight-of-blood kinda guy, so I find these things fascinating. We've come such a long way from the discovery in the 19th century that tagged germs as something that affects illnesses. We knew about germs themselves in the 17th century.

I did some research about the procedure and turns out that the first successful carotid endarterectomies were performed in the early '50s! I'm so lucky to have been born in '52.

A personal note to everyone out there to pay attention to your body! Talk to your doctor about symptoms of stroke, heart attack, vascular issues, etc! Your doctor can only help you IF you talk to them about changes in your day-to-day feelings.

And eat a Mediterranean-style 'diet' for crying out loud! It's plenty delicious and varied and it WILL help keep you healthy with a little exercise on your part. Burgers and steaks are great occasionally. I enjoy a platter of Red Robbin's Cajun Clucks and Fries once in a while, too.

Writing has been spotty, considering I was in and out of the ER and then the hospital for the surgery. I'm working on Episode 9 of my new Amazon 'Vella story, 'Auntie Renita's Martian Motel'. I need to move that story to conclusion in the coming months. PLEASE go check out my 2 stories on 'Vella, I need to see some feedback on that new platform. The first few Episodes are FREE!!!


Auntie Renita's Martian Motel


After I finish 'Auntie Renita's, I'm going to pickup on a couple of stories I put on the back burner a while back.

Keep writing, my Friends!!

Thursday, May 18, 2023

OK. That was different...

I've been 'away' for a few weeks, so the blog has suffered a bit.

I had a medical event that has put a short pause to my writing. It was one of those scary things that most of us Old Farts of 70 years dread, but know is looming out there in the Universe.

Well, the prognosis is good. I'm going to see a specialist soon and see what he can do to clear up my aging body's ailments. I'm not the first to be in this position so he has lots of experience. 

Maybe someday we'll be able to look back and say 'I can't believe people had to suffer with this!' 

The way medicine is progressing these days, I have high hopes for this. I am constantly amazed by the health care advancements we make, seemingly on a daily basis. If you really stop and think about it, we live in incredible times.

In just the last 10 years, here are some advances I found:
- Human Genome discoveries that spot diseases with 'marker', early in life
- Vast improvements in Doc/Patient IT, allowing information storage online
- Anti-Smoking laws reduce smoking
- Heart disease deaths drop by 40 percent!!
- Stem Cell research is ramping up with high hopes to cure terrible diseases
- New cancer treatments
- Vaccine research that helped us mitigate and stop the COVID-19 pandemic!

There are many, many more. Spend a few minutes online and you'll be amazed. Every aspect of our health is being addressed by professionals around the world.

All this to say I'm so thankful for everyone who dedicates their lives and daily efforts to that noblest of pursuits, helping their fellow man.