Genome the novel

Jack Thomas is amazed to find himself heading the company of his dreams, nestled in the high-tech backdrop of beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

Built with his best friend and partner Frankie, the bio-genetics company has achieved success far beyond their wildest dreams. The company is poised to revolutionize the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

The only thing missing from Jack's life is his high school sweetheart, Emily, who was brutally murdered, her killer never found. He still has nightmares about her mysterious death. The void it left in his heart has never fully healed.

Jack and the Magnus Somnium geek squad develop 'PIP', an Artificial Intelligence program, to run the vast bio-genetics prototyping laboratory and a unique 3D immersion holoroom the size of a gymnasium. The holoroom allows Jack and Frankie to directly interact with 3D images of human DNA, using PIP to manipulate the insanely complex molecules and look for clues to the human condition.

Samantha, a beautiful green-eyed medium, starts having waking visions of a young girl, reaching out to her from the beyond, begging Sam to help her before 'he does it again'. But who is this girl, who is 'he', and what will he do again?

Jack risks his life using the latest genetic technology to delve into a terrifying world of spirits that he didn't even know existed.

Genome explores the boundaries between what we can create and what we may never fully understand—science and the afterlife, chance and destiny, and a love that crosses the chasm of life and death.

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