Texas Haiku

3 Sept 2015
Rain by the buckets in May
Then nothing but Sun
Flowers are so confused

6 Oct 2014
Summer's last dry breath
Lingers on brittle, frail wings
Resisting the fall

29 June 2014
Steaks on the grill
Corn hulks snapping, sizzling
Cold Fat Tire quenches

11 Oct 2013
Friday is a mountain lake
Reflecting brilliant white capped peaks
Waiting for the artist's first stroke

10 Oct 2013
Thursday's sweet downward slope
Jumped the hump, galumph, galumph
Sliding down in a blur

9 Oct 2013
Wednesday's a brutal peak
Pushing coils of rope uphill
The summit in view

8 Oct 2013
Tuesday is a meadow
Potential flowers everywhere
Which do I pick?

7 Oct 2013
Monday is a mountain
Rising in stark defiance
Waiting to be challenged

18 Sept 2013
What is that feeling
Skin and eyes no longer burning
Sweet Autumn kisses the sky

11 Sept 2013
Tumbleweeds roll and skip
Rocking horse oil pumps labor
The empire of dust

10 Sept 2013
Majestic thunder echoes
Filling hearts and souls with awe
God is a Texan

4 Sept 2013
There 'pon the chilling shelf
Amber bottle of sweet nectar
Two swigs of heaven!

30 Aug 2013
Hot wings and cold beer
Laughter ringing round the table
Life is this moment

20 Aug 2013
Fried banana on a stick
Born of fevered, demented taste buds
Need a Tums, NOW

19 Aug 2013
A child's sweet smile
Heart skipping with her laughter
Life is so simple

16 Aug 2013
A child from Levelland
A life lived around the world
Returns home to Lewisville

15 Aug 2013
Sleep's heavy blanket lifts
Dreams drifting back into misty pools
Another day begins

14 Aug 2013
Leaden clouds poised above
Far away mists are falling
Relief, coolness, smiling

12 Aug 2013
Dust Devils spin their tails
Tumble weeds and horned-toads flying
The afternoon sun laughs

9 Aug 2013
The work week is ending
The swirling dust of endless meeting
Suspended in time once more
Cough, cough. ;-)

8Aug 2013
Again my pocket shudders
Another salesman vying for attention
Plop! Device soars into pond

7Aug 2013
Ripples dance upon the lake
Pink and grey sides spilling wetness
Arching return to dark depths

6Aug 2013
Blazing Sun of summer
Baking the dry bones of Earth
Flowers wilting in despair

5Aug 2013
The weekend is gone
My glass of Texas Red a memory
A simple taste remains

2 Aug 2013
I hear the patio call
A chilled glass of Texas Red
Time and thirst are sated