Saturday, November 17, 2018

Today was great!

Deb and I went for a walk at the LLELA, the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area. It's a great little area that has walking paths, the outlet from the lake and a cool 1850 homestead you can tour.
We got lucky today and there were period characters there to explain the construction of the buildings and other things.
True to form, Debbie knew someone who one of the characters there also knew. What followed was a discussion about bees, water color painting and friends. I stood by and listened. This happens everywhere we go. And it's totally awesome.
Here are some of the pix from the day.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Fall is here and winter is coming!

58 degrees and cloudy! Texas Autumn will be short this year and we could slide right into Winter in a few weeks!

Looks like the monsoon season has finally passed North Texas by and is allowing Autumn's cold breath to arrive. We've had over 25 inches of rain over the normal this year and the year's not over! My grass is SOOO green!!

On the writing front:

Now that 'Arlo and Jake: Deep Cover' is finally out I'm starting to explore some short stories to hopefully sell to Analog, Asimov or some other SciFi/Fantasy magazines.

I just started this one, 'Vicimus', which is Latin for 'We Won' or 'We Conquered'. It's an exploration of what happens when AI's are advanced enough to emulate their human builders. Will they behave 'better' than us, will they have the same strengths and flaws or will they behave in a totally unexpected way?

Artificial or Machine Intelligence is a wonderful concept to think about. Can you have 'intelligence' without the human brain? I my opinion is that all these ads for Microsoft and Google 'AI' are false advertising,  just the desire to be first to use the phrase as a marketing gimmick. Whether the systems pass the Turing test or not, to be 'intelligent' to me means the ability to think independently, to learn on your own and to be creative outside the everyday experience.

I have several other short stories I want to write, we'll see if I can focus enough to pick just one to work and get it published! ;-)

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Arlo and Jake Deep Cover has launched!!!

I know you thought it would never happen, but with a great deal of grunting, groaning and tapping of the keyboard I finally got Book #4 of the Adventures of Arlo and Jake published!

Whoo Hoo!

The cover turned out great, due my Creative Director's hard work and inventive mind. Deb thinks it's pretty awesome, too! ;=)

I'm tweeting and posting on FB every few hours to get the word out. I'm getting some good response but still looking for that first sale. This is the hardest part, truth be told. Waiting to see if the book is noticed and if the reviews are positive. A writer wears his heart on his sleeve. He/She wants their baby to be happy and wanted. I'm no exception.

I'm going to promote hard for a week at least before I move on to the next writing project.

Here's a link, I hope you read it and enjoy. Please leave a review and your comments.

Thank you, sincerely.

Arlo and Jake Deep Cover

Sunday, October 7, 2018

It's alive!!!!

...well except for the grunt work of a cover and all the stuff to get it on Amazon and B&N.

I finished the story and it made it through a pass by my in-house editor. A few tweaks here and there and a check for the common typos and grammar mistakes. Had some plot holes to fill, so I'm glad we put it through the ringer.

I'm having a friend do a read and critique for me as well. He just happens to be the model for one of the main characters in the book! I'm hoping he enjoys what I've done with that character.

I'll post about the book again as soon when I've got the book into Amazon and B&N!

Wish Arlo and Jake luck!

Whoo hooo!!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Book 4 in editing!

Finally! After over 2 years, I'm this close to pushing Book 4 of Arlo and Jake out into the sunlight! A heart attack and subsequent long recovery put a real kink in this one. Plus I wanted to make this one better than the last one so I've been taking my time. I think the dialogue and story line are definitely the best I've done so far!

I've finished a dozen rounds of rewrites and my lovely wife is editing it. Of course she's finding a bunch of errors and 'could be better' spots. I expected that. I'm so close to the story it's hard not to must gloss over the text.

While she puts the screws to the story I'm off trying to make a good cover art. How to put new stuff on the cover and not give away the story line. I have a couple of ideas to try out.

Thanks so much to all my readers for continuing to buy the books and leave reviews! I've had an uptick in readers this month, partly because I'm posting on some Navy Facebook pages. It's been heartwarming to hear from shipmates from the past and new friends in the Navy now. The Arlo and Jake series has been receiving great reviews and comments!

Be Cool everyone!