Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy 2016, Y'all!

Sorry it's a little late, but 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' to all my writing buddies, friends and everyone else who crosses this little blog.

In 2016 I sincerely hope you will:
- wake up every morning and say 'I love life' out loud (OK, internally if it spooks your spouse ;-)
- mentally confront your life's petty fears and kick them out the back door
- continue to execute a realistic plan to deal with your real problems
- get help if you need it, people will amaze you
- say 'Hi' to most of the people you meet today
- make eye contact, it may be just the thing they need to  prove that someone does care about them
- tell someone when something good happens to you
- listen with a caring heart when someone is sharing their bad news with you
- ask at least one person how his/her day is going and truly listen
- strive to do your best at your job, it's infectious behavior and both you and they will benefit
- take a walk at 10, 12, and 2, even if it's only for 5 minutes, it will clear your head and it's great exercise
- be alert to the world around you, but don't let the world's problems paralyze you, help where you can and trust that others will do the same
- read more
- try a different literary genre, stretch your world a little, you'll be amazed I promise
- get a book on your country's naval history or space program or government or parks or highways, ANYTHING that is not fiction so you can open the door to something new to you
- join a glee club or band or group of local guitarist or theater group or script writers. or take a pottery class or painting class or sculpture class, something that will get your creative self energized
- meet or re-meet a neighbor
- don't kick yourself for your mistakes more than once, learn and move on
- help in a fund raiser for those in need, give to a charity you care about
- take care of your body, start today
- realize you need to eat correctly and walk for your health
- take care of your mind
- do crosswords, puzzles, play games with friends, memorize poems like the Jabberwocky or a Doctor Seuss rhyme, add to your repertoire whenever you can
- take at least two mental breaks during the day, just close your eyes try to hear your own heartbeat
- encourage others with your smile, your love and your heart
- you'll have setbacks and problems, we all do. deal with them as soon as possible, do not carry them like a chain around  your neck
- don't be afraid to laugh out loud, it is music for the soul

Be happy, my friends, you deserve it.

And don't forget to be cool! ;-)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Finally made up with my Muse ;-)

Sweet Josephine in the Pumpkin Patch, my Muse has returned! Whooo Hooo! ;-)

Not sure where she was vacationing, but I am soooo glad she's back; tan, rested and eager to crack the literary whip!

I've been stalled on 'Walk with Me' for weeks, unable to go forward or backwards. Between work, family, holidays, bills, house work, etc, etc, etc, I've just had no steam at all to write. I write software for the health care industry and it takes my full attention all day. We've had some heavy projects lately that required lots of overtime and work at home after work at work. You get the idea, I'm sure you have the same issues.

I guess I can't blame her for taking a vacation, I was pretty much ignoring her. Sorry, Ma'am. Family and work always come first. When I retire, then you and me will share cold mugs of Fat Tire on the patio, all day long. Until then, or until my Angel Book Agent shows up, I give you all the time I can spare.

So, for no reason I can fathom, she's back! Maybe she missed me? Probably not.

Anyway, I've got a real bead on where I go from here and I'm back on the 'write/hmm nope not right/rewrite/ahh that's better' merry-go-round.

I like that ride, by the way; it's just how I write. When the merry-go-round stops it means that I'm done. If I'm going round and round, it means I'm making progress. Perfectly logical, eh? ;-)

With luck and a little time off for the holidays, I'm hoping to publish 'Walk with Me' next month. Then it's on the next great American novel!

Treat your Muse to a day off once in a while, she/he will return refreshed and ready to kick butt!

Be Cool!

Just Be!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

I give thanks to all my family and writing friends around the world!

You are all so awesome and supportive, it warms my soul and puts a big smile on my face. ;-)

I send you warm wishes to you all for a happy and joyous day.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Slow progress on 'Walk with Me'... arrggghhhh

I am not a patient man. I work daily on staying focused on things I can do 'now' versus things that will just have to wait. T'aint easy, McGee, t'aint easy. At work, I have 2 or 3 things going at all times. If my brain is not engaged I fall asleep. I would rather be weird than bored.

So the fact that I haven't nailed my latest novel, 'Walk with Me', is driving me bonkers. I would be working on it right now but I'm squeezing my Muse for some better material. It's never a good idea to force your imagination to produce. My Muse is a very fickle lady and right now she's either on vacation somewhere in the Milky Way or tired of hearing me whine. I'm going with the former, it puts me in a better light.

So. What to do?

I'm thinking of setting 'Walk with Me' aside and reviving an old project or starting a new one. I have several stories that are 'this close' to being 'real good'. It would be excellent to have them polished and pub'd.

On the other hand I have several shiny new projects that I'm itching to start on.

I have to do something! I can't sit a home at night and NOT write. It's become so ingrained that I think about plots based on TV commercials, for crying out loud. ;-)

OK. So, I'll just pick one and run with it.

Time to rummage through my outlines and pick a winner!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Just finished 'Revolver' by H.P. Oliver, check out the review!

Check out my review of H.P. Oliver's 'Revolver'. It's another winner from an author I admire and love to read.

H.P. writes in easy, flowing paragraphs, steering you around the streets of Hollywood and cities all around 1930's California. His style is immersive and vivid, getting you into Johnny's head so you can see the evidence and the story as it unfolds.

That's what this post is about, aside from getting you to check out 'Revolver'.


Like H.P. I believe the best stories draw the reader into the lives of characters immediately and hold that interest throughout the plot. You don't have to know which deodorant Johnny, or Jake, my character in the 'Arlo and Jake' series,  uses in the morning. But knowing his favorite beer or car lets you get some subtle 'warm fuzzy' that you understand what motivates the character.

What kind of women is he drawn to? How does he react to rejection? Is he easy to anger or a simmering pot? What does he do when the day is over and it's time to unwind.

It probably means nothing to the plot, but knowing these details immerses the reader into the characters soul, even if it's just a tiny detail like the kind of hat he wears.

H.P. is teaching me that little details matter. They are the pickles on the hamburger. They add flavor.

Go! Pick up your copy of 'Revolver'.

Be Cool.