Monday, April 25, 2016

'Walk with Me' has been pub'd! Whoo Hoo!

That's right, my friends, I finally finished my latest work of art.. er.. book, 'Walk with Me'! ;-)

You can go to and search for 'gary alan henson' to find that book and my other books.

Sorry it took so long, but life is a challenge for all of us sometimes.

I hope you try it and enjoy my little story.

Be Cool and thanks!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Write, rewrite, redo, rethink and repeat

The more you reread your manuscript, the better your finished story will be. It's just the way it is. The sooner you accept that fact of life the better. I raise my hand as someone who is slowly learning that fact. Color me impatient, Bucko, 'cause I want it out NOW.

But it's not ready.

'Walk with Me' is a simple, endearing tale of what all encompassing love means. It's my first real story of love and tragedy. Of life lived completely and deeply.

I'm rereading it today and finding small areas where just a few more and sometimes a few less words are making a profound difference in the story. The characters are becoming more coherent and believable.

The characters are in my head as I write, but you don't see them. I hint at them, at their emotions and fears and joys, but I'm not doing a great job of letting you see that. I feel it. I love the characters. But it's my job to get those feeling on paper so you can enjoy them too.

I found a great cover image, too. Took me a while, but I'm determined that this book will be better. Something you will look back on and smile. I want you to enjoy the story.

I'll keep rereading and writing until I can read it through without thinking there is something missing, something not quite right.

I want to enjoy reading it. If I enjoy it, then I'm pretty sure you will as well.

Soon, my gentle reader, soon. ;-)

Thanks for all your continued support. It means the world to me.

Be Cool.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Study everything!...

Every time you read something outside your 'normal' genre, your comfort zone, you expand your mind just a bit.

You drop a new idea into the soup of your imagination, adding to the flavor.

You light a tiny flicker of something 'not quite right' into a dark part of your mind.

It's not always easy or fun. Some of the stuff you pick up will be utter piffle (a real word, look it up!) and will be filed away in your 'forget this' file cabinet.

But most of the stuff will add to your arsenal of things to explore. The more you read, the more you experience.

Pick up a high school biology book and just skim it, cover to cover. I bet you will remember less than I did! ;0) But didn't it spark a few ideas? I'll bet you had a dozen ideas for your books just by reading about DNA again! It sure sparked my imagination, it's in virtually everything I write now!

Read a genuine, old time western novel.

How about a, shudder, romance novel? Careful, these are addictive. ;-)

No matter what you pick up, study some of it. If it's fiction, get inside the author's head and see the story from his or her point of view. Keep going until you get SOMETHING that you've never thought of before.

Grab that idea. Swirl it around in your mouth, getting a taste of it. Feel the texture of it's
undercurrent; what makes THIS story so interesting to so many people?

Study everything.

Every thing you read and study will help grow your imagination. And that's where your stories come from.

Read. Study. Go!

Be Cool.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Dedicate more of your life to doing, less to worry

I'm still learning, even at 63 year old.

It's a simple lesson really, one I hope you'll think about for a moment. Because I think you'll get real benefit from this lesson.

Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage, get a sheet of paper or maybe an envelope and find someplace quiet. Just for the amount of time it takes to finish your drink, do nothing else, think about nothing else.

Write down three good things that you've accomplished in life. Things that came about mostly because of you. Go ahead, I'll wait. ;-)

OK. Now be honest with yourself. How did you accomplish each of these? Think about what was happening at the time; before, during and when they were done. What were you thinking? Did you plan? Did you 'just do it', as an inventor friend of mine used to say?

For me, it turns out that virtually all the good things I've done in life came about because I decided I needed to get 'it' done. I needed to take a leap of faith that I could get it done. I hiked up my britches and just went for it, sometimes scared stiff that I would fail.

I can think of NOTHING good that I've done that was the result of worrying about the outcome or how I was going to do it.

Simple, right?

Too simple? Not really. Lack of confidence, for a lot of people, will keep them from enjoying a lot of life. If you don't walk through that door, you'll never see what's on the other side.

Do you want to write?

Do you worry about whether or not you're good enough, smart enough? What if people don't like your story? What if your friends laugh at it and you? What if....

Set your doubts aside. Put a lid on your bottle of worry.

Do relax.

Do enjoy a few moments everyday, writing your stories.

Do pat yourself on the back when you reread a sentence you just wrote and it's awesome!

Do let yourself finish that book and get it published.

Do celebrate the launch, even if it's only a glass of milk and some cookies.

Life is for living, my friend. Writing is living.

Just do it.

Be Cool. I look forward to your books.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy 2016, Y'all!

Sorry it's a little late, but 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' to all my writing buddies, friends and everyone else who crosses this little blog.

In 2016 I sincerely hope you will:
- wake up every morning and say 'I love life' out loud (OK, internally if it spooks your spouse ;-)
- mentally confront your life's petty fears and kick them out the back door
- continue to execute a realistic plan to deal with your real problems
- get help if you need it, people will amaze you
- say 'Hi' to most of the people you meet today
- make eye contact, it may be just the thing they need to  prove that someone does care about them
- tell someone when something good happens to you
- listen with a caring heart when someone is sharing their bad news with you
- ask at least one person how his/her day is going and truly listen
- strive to do your best at your job, it's infectious behavior and both you and they will benefit
- take a walk at 10, 12, and 2, even if it's only for 5 minutes, it will clear your head and it's great exercise
- be alert to the world around you, but don't let the world's problems paralyze you, help where you can and trust that others will do the same
- read more
- try a different literary genre, stretch your world a little, you'll be amazed I promise
- get a book on your country's naval history or space program or government or parks or highways, ANYTHING that is not fiction so you can open the door to something new to you
- join a glee club or band or group of local guitarist or theater group or script writers. or take a pottery class or painting class or sculpture class, something that will get your creative self energized
- meet or re-meet a neighbor
- don't kick yourself for your mistakes more than once, learn and move on
- help in a fund raiser for those in need, give to a charity you care about
- take care of your body, start today
- realize you need to eat correctly and walk for your health
- take care of your mind
- do crosswords, puzzles, play games with friends, memorize poems like the Jabberwocky or a Doctor Seuss rhyme, add to your repertoire whenever you can
- take at least two mental breaks during the day, just close your eyes try to hear your own heartbeat
- encourage others with your smile, your love and your heart
- you'll have setbacks and problems, we all do. deal with them as soon as possible, do not carry them like a chain around  your neck
- don't be afraid to laugh out loud, it is music for the soul

Be happy, my friends, you deserve it.

And don't forget to be cool! ;-)