Monday, December 7, 2015

Finally made up with my Muse ;-)

Sweet Josephine in the Pumpkin Patch, my Muse has returned! Whooo Hooo! ;-)

Not sure where she was vacationing, but I am soooo glad she's back; tan, rested and eager to crack the literary whip!

I've been stalled on 'Walk with Me' for weeks, unable to go forward or backwards. Between work, family, holidays, bills, house work, etc, etc, etc, I've just had no steam at all to write. I write software for the health care industry and it takes my full attention all day. We've had some heavy projects lately that required lots of overtime and work at home after work at work. You get the idea, I'm sure you have the same issues.

I guess I can't blame her for taking a vacation, I was pretty much ignoring her. Sorry, Ma'am. Family and work always come first. When I retire, then you and me will share cold mugs of Fat Tire on the patio, all day long. Until then, or until my Angel Book Agent shows up, I give you all the time I can spare.

So, for no reason I can fathom, she's back! Maybe she missed me? Probably not.

Anyway, I've got a real bead on where I go from here and I'm back on the 'write/hmm nope not right/rewrite/ahh that's better' merry-go-round.

I like that ride, by the way; it's just how I write. When the merry-go-round stops it means that I'm done. If I'm going round and round, it means I'm making progress. Perfectly logical, eh? ;-)

With luck and a little time off for the holidays, I'm hoping to publish 'Walk with Me' next month. Then it's on the next great American novel!

Treat your Muse to a day off once in a while, she/he will return refreshed and ready to kick butt!

Be Cool!

Just Be!