Sunday, August 9, 2015

Another Johnny Spicer caper...

I love spreading the word about indie authors I enjoy, and H.P. Oliver is on my list of 'Coolest Writing Dudes and Dudettes'.

I just finished 'Pacifica' by Mr. Oliver. His main character, Johnny Spicer, is an LA gumshoe (google it, kids ;-) with attitude, a nose for adventure and the moxie to back it up. Check out my review under the 'Reviews' page.

I think H.P.'s writing strikes a note with me because the scenes seems to form with no effort on my part. Johnny's office popped out of the page smelling like old newspaper with a faint whiff of whiskey. Classy. The Golden Gate International Exposition on 1939's Treasure Island came to life with all its Art Deco facades, Chinese pavilions, the 'Dog Lady' and more.

It's easy to follow along with Mr. Oliver's story and characters. There are twists and turns to keep you guessing. There are bad guys you can boo at and guys who don't want to be heroes but nevertheless are. Real people. They act like you and I might if we were put in their situations. At least we like to think we would.

Of course, no one knows how they will act when confronted with harrowing dilemmas and life or death decisions, but H.P.'s characters seem to act like 'real' humans would. They make the right decisions most of the time, but very, very wrong decisions other times. That pulls you into Mr. Oliver's characters and makes them approachable. That kind of writing is not an easy.

Take your time with this story, don't rush it. Enjoy going back to a 'simpler' time that really wasn't all that simple to it's occupants.

My advice? Go find an author, and I recommend H.P. Oliver, that you haven't tried. Scan the promo and if it's a story that peaks your interest, buy it and enjoy a new perspective on storytelling.

Oh, yeah. I'd recommend a large pizza with the works and a couple of cold Shiner Bocks for this yarn. Clear your afternoon calendar, hit the patio, settle back into your wicker chair, put your feet up on the ottoman and dive into Johnny Spicer's latest caper.

Be Cool, my friends!