Thursday, March 27, 2014

First try at 'Genome' scene in SketchUp...

OK, this is NOT the final product but I thought it might be cool to show you how the scene 'matures' as I learn more about SketchUp.

I have to find a better molecule model, add Jack, Frankie and Samantha and of course a neat model of PIP, hovering near Jack.

The model needs to be more of a human cell with it's organelle or maybe just a lot more molecules, not sure which would look best.

I also want to do a video that floats you from outside the room, through the door and pans around the holograph.

What do you think?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Working with SketchUp!

I'm bound and determined to reproduce some cool 3D scenes from my book 'Genome'. There just a ton of really cool concepts in my book, and I really want to 'show' them. I hoping to spark some interest in the book by showing off the holo-room and AI concepts.

So, I searched around, read reviews, googled, binged and generally spent way too much time trying to find the 'right' graphics tool. I finally said enough and downloaded SketchUp, it's seems to have everything I need.

It's going to take me a little while to grok the concepts and features but I'll get there.  I've got some background in graphing and diagramming tools and I've used some CAD/CAM applications in the past so I'm not a newbie here.

After about an hour, I was able to created a large room with cool textures and plop a neat looking console to one side. I need to find or create a room sized human cell or maybe just a bunch of DNA and molecules too.

The characters will be interacting with the molecules, just like in my book. I'll have PIP's avatar hovering somewhere too, helping Jack or Frankie manipulate the image.

As soon as I've got something to show, I'll post it here.

Have a great week, you dedicated writers.

Have fun.

Be cool.